NEW! Caviar Style collection from Alterna Haircare

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Introducing the first luxury styling collection from Alterna Haircare; Caviar Style, For Style Without Compromise. Perfected by Alterna’s Global House of Experts stylists and containing the most exquisite and effective ingredients, the formulas nourish and protect hair from even the most extreme heat or styling techniques.

All Caviar Style products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates & synthetic color. 


  • Strength: Pearl Protein, Panthenol and Keratin reinforce the core strength of the hair fiber.
  • Flexibility: Biotin increases elasticity to avoid breakage during styling stress.
  • Nourishment: Caviar Extract & Seasilk deliver softness and movement.
  • Color Hold ®: A proprietary technology that locks in hair colour.
  • Enzymetherapy: An exclusive blend of enzymes and minerals designed to help vital nutrients adhere to hair.

Caviar Style LUXE SHAPE Versatile Crème Gel

This airy, lightweight gel not only shapes your hair exactly the way you want, it also adds the best of nutrients to it. Nourishing, soft, smooth and without that sticky gel feeling. Can be used on wet, towel dry or dry hair, with or without a blow dryer.

Caviar Style GRIT Flexible Texturizing Paste

The ultimate paste for a creative look. The new generation of wax-paste. The perfect fix to be used on dry hair or to change your look halfway the day. This paste is ready to follow your every wish and command. Powerful, yet flexible.

Styling tip: rub a tiny bit between your palms to make it smooth and warm. Style your hair any way you want it.

Caviar Style CONCRETE Extreme Definition Clay

Slick and perfectly styled hair? This clay is the answer to your styling needs. From a Mohawk up to a James Dean ultra slick quiff, this clay makes you the ultimate style master of hair. Your style will last for the whole day and stay perfectly in shape for that late night party!

Styling tip: rub a tiny bit between your palms to make it smooth and warm. Add to towel dry hair. Blow-drying is an option, not a must.

Caviar Style INVISIBLE ROLLER Contour Setting Spray     

This unique, heat-activated “roller in a bottle”, is the modern day answer to the old fashion curler set. A fine spray, that creates the exact same effect as a curler, without the hassle. Creates shiny, long lasting voluminous curls and waves, while at the same time protecting your hair against damage caused by heat.

How to use: Spray gently on clean, wet hair. Define curls with a round brush and the heat of a blow dryer. For longer hair, create your curls with your fingers and/or a hair pin, before using the blow dryer.

Caviar Style SATIN Rapid Blowout Balm                               

A nourishing lightweight lotion, that guarantees the perfect blow dry results. An ultimate blowout balm with heat protection, for smooth shiny hair. Perfect for straight looks. This soft silky balm also has a rapid drying effect for easy, quick, blow drying sessions.


About Alterna Haircare

Alterna Haircare have been pioneers in creating ground-breaking, state-of-the-art formulas which set the industry standard for the finest “alternative” luxury haircare products in the world. With a reputation built on expertise, innovative ingredients and results-driven formulas, Alterna Haircare defines luxury haircare and continues to be sought after by salon stylists and beauty artisans worldwide.

Alterna Haircare’s collection of Caviar Anti-Aging products is the first and only comprehensive line of hair care products to address natural, chemical and environmental aging and turn back the hands of time. Each formula within the Caviar Anti-Aging collection help to age-proof your hair.

Whatever your haircare need, Alterna Haircare believe you shouldn’t have to choose between clinically-proven, salon-tested results and natural, good-for-you ingredients. That’s why all of their products are: Pure. Proven. Professional. For more information, please visit

About Fresh Approach

Fresh Approach UK is a leading independent UK distributor of Alterna Haircare, DOOP Products, ECRU New York, Kemon, Kent Salon and Nanokeratin System. At Fresh Approach, our goal is to bring you the finest, premium hair-care products and services that will make a real difference to your salon. Your clients will love them, your stylists will be inspired by them and your business will thrive through them. For further information, please contact Fresh Approach on Tel: +44 (0)1925 578000 or email