NEW! Caviar Anti-Aging Infinite Color Hold from Alterna Haircare

Image of Caviar Anti-Aging Infinite Color Hold


Introducing the next generation of color care from Alterna Haircare; Caviar Anti-Aging Infinite Color Hold. Containing a synergistic blend of powerful anti-oxidants such as Red Raspberry Leaf Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil along with Alterna’s proprietary ColorHold technology for the highest level of color protection in the Caviar line.

Why is it different?

The collection has been formulated with Dual Capture Complex, a proprietary technology that contains a blend of high antioxidant oils – Red Raspberry Leaf Oil & Sunflower Seed Oil – with exceptionally high levels of vitamins A, C & E and omega 3 fatty acids to keep color true and protected from color fade.

Combined with Caviar Anti-Aging technology, the Caviar Infinite Color Hold collection also replenishes lost lipids and moisture helping to prevent the effects of intrinsic, environmental and chemical aging for more youthful looking hair.

This revolutionary new collection of four products will be available in fine salons from April 2017 and includes:

  • Caviar Infinite Color Hold Shampoo: A gentle, sulfate-free cleanser that provides powerful UV protection, minimizing color fade, for lasting color vibrancy
  • Caviar Infinite Color Hold Conditioner: A sulfate-free conditioner that replenishes lost moisture from the coloring process.
  • Caviar Infinite Color Hold Vibrancy Serum Dual Use Booster: A powerful serum that provides color rejuvenation, UV protection and shine. Can be used as a leave-in treatment to replenish moisture and boost radiance, or mix with any Alterna conditioner to transform it into a color recharging treatment.
  • Caviar Infinite Color Hold Topcoat Shine Spray: This ultra-lightweight formula is the essential last step that seals the cuticle to lock in color pigments and provides UV protection for long-lasting, gloriously vibrant color and shine.

“While Alterna Haircare has always been ahead of the game in color protection, the Caviar Infinite Color Hold collection takes it to a whole new level,” said Rita Perna-Allor, Alterna Global House of Experts stylist and global artistic director. “This collection is for our customer whose #1 priority is the preservation of her color, vibrancy and shine.”


About Alterna Haircare

Alterna Haircare have been pioneers in creating ground-breaking, state-of-the-art formulas which set the industry standard for the finest “alternative” luxury haircare products in the world. With a reputation built on expertise, innovative ingredients and results-driven formulas, Alterna Haircare defines luxury haircare and continues to be sought after by salon stylists and beauty artisans worldwide.

Alterna Haircare’s collection of Caviar Anti-Aging products is the first and only comprehensive line of hair care products to address natural, chemical and environmental aging and turn back the hands of time. Each formula within the Caviar Anti-Aging collection help to age-proof your hair.

Whatever your haircare need, Alterna Haircare believe you shouldn’t have to choose between clinically-proven, salon-tested results and natural, good-for-you ingredients. That’s why all of their products are: Pure. Proven. Professional. For more information, please visit

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