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Over 75 million men, women & children are currently troubled by common scalp disorders.

97% of all people will experience some form of scalp problem.

The occurrence of scalp disorders appears to be on the rise, particularly oily scalp.

An unhealthy scalp may contribute to hair loss.

The top-selling shampoo in the world is a medicated dandruff treatment.

Beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp is the motto and core belief behind the products of Mediceuticals®. Each dermatological product help the hair and scalp to be in optimum condition and as a result help combat hair loss and thinning hair. Mediceuticals® also provides effective methods of treatment for a wide range of specific hair and scalp problems.

Mediceuticals Scalp TherapiesSCALP THERAPIES

Mediceuticals Scalp Therapies are a line of products developed to help to treat and control a broad spectrum of common scalp and skin disorders.


Mediceuticals Advanced Hair Restoration Technology is especially for the care and maintenance of normal hair and scalp. This line supports the reduction of excessive hair loss and stimulates new hair growth.

Thumbnail Image of Medicueticals Hair Restoration Technology for WomenADVANCED HAIR RESTORATION for women

Advanced Hair Restoration Technology for Women are specially formulated solutions that target the problems unique to female scalp disorders and general hair loss.

Thumbnail Image of Mediceuticals Healthy Hair SolutionsHEALTHY HAIR SOLUTIONS

Mediceuticals Healthy Hair Solutions are a line of products specifically formulated for repairing and protecting extreme cases of dry, damaged, fragile, fine and thinning hair

Thumbnail Image of Mediceuticals Hairbody-zero weight stylingHAIRBODY-ZERO WEIGHT STYLING

A range of generation styling products for every hair type. Enriched with natural botanical ingredients for beautiful, healthy and shiny hair.

Thumbnail Image of Mediceuticals Unique Care ProductsUNIQUE CARE PRODUCTS

A unique range of products developed to nourish the skin, hair or scalp.

  • "We were excited to launch a scalp specialist brand this year. We have had some amazing results from the hair restoration products."

    Nick Hyslop, Owner, Hed Hair

To discover more about becoming a Mediceuticals stockist or to find out more about the education available, get in touch on 01925 578000 or email enquiries@freshapproach.uk.com