NEW! Bamboo Smooth Anti Frizz AM/PM System

Caviar CC Cream EXTRA HOLD

72 hours of frizz-free, humidity-proof hair

Introducing the NEW revolutionary 2-step system from Alterna Haircare; Bamboo Smooth Anti Frizz AM/PM System features two brand new products that have been clinically proven to provide 72 hours of frizz-free, humidity-proof hair.

Ideal for those with curly, unruly or frizz and humidity prone hair, Bamboo Smooth Anti Frizz AM/PM system has been formulated with SmoothSeal Technology, Organic Kendi Oil and Organic Bamboo Extract to instantly nourish dry, dull and frizzy strands, provide weightless moisture and vital nutrients and create strong, smooth, healthy hair.


  • SmoothSeal Technology: Proprietary blend of oils that helps to instantly nourish dry, dull and frizzy strands for smoother, silkier, shinier hair. Creates a lightweight 360˚ shield around hair to block out future frizz caused by humidity and heat.
  • Organic Bamboo Extract: Immediately boosts hair’s intrinsic strength, flexibility & sustainability for stronger, healthier, better-performing hair.
  • Organic Kendi Oil: Works to repair and smooth the hair’s lipid layer. Protects hair from future damage by infusing it with multiple fatty acids (Omegas 3,6,9). From the island of Sulawesi, this highly sustainable ingredient supports local communities and is collected with zero negative environmental impact.
  • Color Hold®: A proprietary technology infuses hair with plant-derived melanin for extreme color protection and prevents color wash out. Protects hair from UVA, UVB & visible light including artificial light sources.

The Bamboo Smooth Anti Frizz AM/PM System will be available as a limited edition 2-part system kit in fine salons from July 2016.

Step 1: Bamboo Smooth Anti Frizz (PM) Overnight Smoothing Treatment:

This restorative overnight treatment helps start the smoothing process while you sleep. Applied throughout dry hair before bed, the fast-absorbing, pillow-safe formula helps to nourish and condition hair in preparation for optimal smooth styling in the morning.

In the morning, hair is cleansed and conditioned using Bamboo Smooth Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner before following with Bamboo Smooth Anti Frizz (AM) Daytime Smoothing Blowout Balm.

Step 2: Bamboo Smooth Anti Frizz (AM) Daytime Smoothing Blowout Balm:

Applied to towel-dried hair after cleansing, the heat-activated (AM) Daytime Smoothing Blowout Balm smooths the hair cuticle and creates a protective barrier to seal in long-lasting smoothness and humidity protection. The blowout balm has been clinically proven to reduce breakage by up to 88% and provide 450F / 232 C heat protection.

After application, hair is blow-dried in sections until completely dry and followed with a flat iron to seal in lasting smoothness.

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