Synergizing beauty, science and wellbeing at the forefront of hair technology, Nanokeratin System are a global professional hair care expert for hair smoothing and treatments inspired by Nature and based on pioneering patented Biomimetic technologies.

Nanokeratin System have developed and formulated unique innovative technologies that focus on how natural hair acts in order to give damaged hair the tools and conditions it needs for it to heal itself from the inside and return itself back to its natural healthy state. 

pure (2)

nanoSmooth pure is the world leading hair smoothing and straightening series from Nanokeratin System. Inspired by nature and based on pioneering Biomimetic technologies, nanoSmooth pure is a revolutionary smoothing technology that provides a safe Bond Reformation Soft Smoothing and Complete Smoothing (Straightening).

nanoSmooth pure contains 0% Formaldehyde, Aldehyde & releases no chemicals off-gases 

  • Eliminates frizz
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Reduces blow drying time by up to 80%
  • Allows easier styling of the hair
  • Locks in colour reducing fade
  • Increases shine and smoothness
  • Smoothing results last up to 120-180 days
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Refortify joins the nanoSmooth pure series as the latest innovation from Nanokeratin System. 

Inspired by nature and based on pioneering Biomimetic technologies, Refortify is a revolutionary smoothing system specifically formulated for Afro and Curly hair types that provides a safe Bond Reformation with Soft and Complete Smoothing results.

Refortify contains 0% Formaldehyde and Aldehyde and releases no chemical off-gases.

  • Smoothes & straightens hair
  • Repairs damaged hair and prevents further damage
  • Allows easier styling of the hair
  • Locks in colour improving vibrancy & reducing fade
  • Increases shine and strength
  • Insulates against environmental sources
  • Smoothing results last between 120-180 days

softSmooth is a Home Natural Soft Smoother for all hair types and textures, based on innovative Biomimetic technology, which provides progressive hair smoothing with every use.  

Applying softSmooth constructs an outer foundation and solid inner layer that seals nourishing nutrients inside hair enabling its self-recuperation and controlling frizz.

  • Progressive hair smoothing with every use
  • Changes hair fibre texture giving a natural soft smoothing look
  • Reduces & controls frizz
  • Improves the health of hair
  • Hair is more manageable & flexible
  • Increases shine
  • Insulates against damaging environmental sources
nanoKplex group

nanoKplex is an advanced series based on new generation patented Biomimetic technology that integrates Fresh Milk to enable hair to heal itself during and after chemical processes.

nanoKplex emulates the natural hair process by enabling hair to recuperate itself by finding single sulfur bonds and cross linking them back together to form Di-Sulphide bonds during and after chemicals processes.

nanoKplex is applied during and after the following chemical processes:

  • Colouring
  • Bleaching
  • Highlighting
  • Japanese Straightening
  • Chemical Straightening
  • Chemical Permanent Curling

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